1. taken 09/14/14

    some of the best days in the summer in toronto are spent on the island. i was blessed to be able to bliss out on one of the last days of summer in canada with a few of the best people i know.┬ásometimes i still don’t know how i got so lucky to be surrounded by some of the greatest people in this city, people who accept me for who i am to the core of my┬áridiculous being and encourage me to be me. thank you.


  2. taken 09/14/14

    ma belle amie renee gabrielle.


  3. taken 09/15/14

    the alex sequence.


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  5. taken 08/22/14

    victoria procter
    friends since 1997


  6. taken 08/31/14


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  8. taken 07/12/14

    cloudy sunrise.


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